Giant Emoji

An apparatus to mimic and present facial expression

@ruohaig, @fyan1, @yishunz

Mind Controlled Sk8board

An electric skateboard... but mind controlled

@ncn, @hweigle

T.A.R.T.A.N. Computer

A fully turing complete and programmable computer built from relays as logical elements

@sladuca, @jsgarcia

Autonomous Anki

Anki cozmo robot that follows perceived path



This is a really, really cool skateboard

@mdesoto, @cseiler

Food Delivery Robot

Inspired by Overcooked, food delivery robot makes restaurant food prep less hectic!

@yaoj, @smohidee, @yuyingq, @yatingh


Robots that play tag autonomously

@agbhat, @wanyic, @aassefa, @atulr

Miniature Anti-aircraft Warfare

Autonomous or player-controlled turret built to destroy drones.


Multi-Terrain Electric wheelchair

A low-cost electric wheelchair to empower handicapped individuals in developing areas.

@ngandhi, @rkjain, @vrajmoha