Turners Buchet

Sit down at the table and forget your drink? Now with the push of a button on your phone, you can have a glass of tea.

@ttinley, @gmagendz, @evelge, @rgess

Delivery Drone

A Drone that takes a waypoint and autonomously flies to it


4 Wheels Robot

Virtually connected single wheel robots in a set of four. Let's see what can be empowered by teamwork of wheels.

@jialeil, @fyan1


A modular robot that can re-form to maneuver over any terrain.

@edwardli, @kjnewman

Eye In The Sky

Swarm Convergence and Tracking: Autonomous Vehicles which optimize path to target based on real time video analysis

@danielco, @vgbhat


End to end music synthesis system

@jl5, @peterw1

Buddy In The Sky

Your Personal Drone Companion

@johnmart, @jeanpaun


A device that can write whatever you want, imitating your own handwriting style

@yutian, @agbhat

Space Fountain

A supportless alternative to the space elevator

@denisey, @akong

Joker: The Robotic Card Sorter

Why waste time sorting cards when you can get a robot to do it for you

@jgkerr, @jbwood, @jacheng

Project Mapped Smart Home

Augmented reality by mapping attention to physical space



A self-driving car capable of driving around CMU's campus

@jefftan, @rdudhagr

Hagrid's Dark Fantasy

Hagrid's back, and he's locked in Wean

@mcli, @avsethur, @alicel, @tscherli


Visualize and interactively explore your thoughts in virtual reality while wearing the custom-built Pæthos headset.

@carmenda, @jacobdil, @grasskin, @nmamoon

Responsive Textile

Responsive visual experiences in clothing


D.E.V (Drone's Eye View)

Affordable way to see the world from a bird eye view

@ewenger, @jcorona

ASL Robotic Hand

A robotic hand that can translate speech into sign language

@jrlew, @sroongta


A balancing bot that follows you around and carries your things

@hcoffin, @ericat1, @lmo, @nflowers

Dynamic Room Correction

Smart speakers that calibrates itself according to its surroundings, providing optimal audio regardless of its location.

@epalaz, @ryano

Morning Coffee

Imagine waking up to the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee


WHAC (We Have A Car)

An indoor navigation robot that uses SLAM and LIDAR to plan a path through a known environment

@mdesoto, @rjwallac, @sgirdhar, @ngandhi, @rkjain


friends are flaky, buddybots are not


Crowd Density Monitoring Vehicle

Tethered helium balloon for persistent aerial monitoring of crowd density

@odwang, @ziyizuo, @jiachenx

Tracking Embedded Device

Use app to find any object, IOT network, network traffic monitoring on campus