For when you refuse to lose at TicTacToe

@wmshaw, @mhtang

Gimme...Steering Wheel!

It’s lights out and here we go! Turn your phone into a wheel and drive like you stole it!

@xjin2, @qiaoans

Guard Bot

A guard robot that patrols the building and sends alerts upon encountering suspicious strangers

@yunqingy, @zhehuax, @yichuanl

Smarter Skateboard

A skateboard that's smarter than you (maybe)

@stevenwu, @emai, @janicel2, @cudompan, @aaito

Smart Garden

So your plants can yell at you when they're dying

@sophiali, @byohanne, @sshriram, @ssbhanda

One Wheel From Two

If you can't afford a One Wheel like those grad students outside CIC who let you ride it, just convert a hoverboard!

@apenney, @dbarajas


If you want a simple and convenient handheld phone solution, think handE!

@rashik, @ckasuba, @bwilhelm, @akasha


An archery robot that never misses its target...not a safety hazard

@lucag, @smmadan, @harshuls, @bpan2, @njeans


Have you ever been too lazy to charge your phone? we have the perfect solution for you here

@jak2, @yucongw, @yixuanl2

Keyboard/Software for Composers!

Ever jammed out and liked a chord but struggled when you tried to write it down to play later? This is for you!

@jiyengar, @karenli, @achong2, @arobert, @sgaiter

the little women car

self driving car for our children

@ritaz, @tinghuah, @ipdong, @daggarwa

Haptic Rhythm Music Game

Next-generation rhythm music game that has haptic feedback.

@yizet, @fuyangl

Chocolate Thunder From Down Under

Ever thought 3d printing was boring? Us too. Add some chocolate and its fun!

@edwardli, @kjnewman, @ntalvare, @gxgao, @jxli

Pancake Printer

Creating art, one drop of batter at a time

@kevinson, @cscai, @asutandi, @eserre, @nyw


Chess, Go, StarCraft... there's only one arena where humans still reign supreme, the final frontier: Doodle Jump.

@raymondx, @ksangam, @ssk2, @ndiamant

Socially-distanced Pong

Pong without a CPU, built on 2 FPGAs, driving 2 monitors, communicating in ridiculous ways.

@wnace, @anirudhp, @bohanyu, @allin

the game of metago

play the ancient game of go with a visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory experience

@arvinw, @ykallel, @alexx


You will no longer die from your deadlift with Livelift!

@mgang, @zhichun2, @aicheny, @chig

DDR (Dance Dance Robot)

Want to see a robot dance? Play the hit game DDR(TM) and watch the robot dance to your keystrokes!

@arojas2, @shreyara, @josegarc, @lcy, @auriellb

Party Drone

A drone that flies around via RC, listens to whatever music is playing, and pulses its lights to the beat

@osavkur, @szzhang, @jongwony, @xhe2

Circuit Solver

Confounded by electrical circuits? New to graph theory?

@nbagree, @arjunsen, @swariah, @sohank, @tasija

Thrust Vectoring Rocket

Fins: Gone. We're taking model rocketry to another galaxy

@iturner, @esech, @cbhess


our robot yeetus deletus the items off the table

@cxfu, @kevinliu, @samyakj, @bez


Taking Care of your laundry needs


FPGA: Field Programmable Guitar Æffects

Creating funky guitar noises... with a FPGA!

@davidx, @ziyizuo, @jiachenx, @jnnguyen


you ever wanted a goldfish but had way too much money to spend on it? let's make you a robot fish instead!

@tanvib, @gmoyer


create a tactile keyboard-like instrument based on the design for a trautonium

@driyer, @ksabak, @jpedraza, @ryanbao, @korenet

Wizard's Chess

An Interactive XR rendering of the life size wizard's chess from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

@mnguyen2, @jgpinon, @grantyu

Lazier Dim Sum

Have you ever thought dim sum was too much work? Did you ever wish the food would come right to you? Now it can!!!

@joeym, @junhanch, @clille, @nikhilp, @ayh2

Fish Alexa

An all-round care device for your fish.

@lchilamk, @vvortega

Supercapacitor Smartphone

Charging your iPhone to 100% in under 1 minute

@tscherli, @akong


settle those catans better than ever before

@lhasher, @oehrman, @zozkaya, @kshethia, @lnicolus


Need to be contactless due to COVID? Or take a picture without taking out your phone? We have you covered!

@aduong, @tsethi2, @ankitac, @nvfeng, @sanshu

Baggel Yeeter

An automatic bagel maker and yeeter. Slices, toasts, and (for social distancing) yeets the bagel to desired recipient.

@wanyic, @taikens, @jchoffma, @jyordy, @beblanch

Magic Bin

A smarter recycling bin that sorts the trash for you

@shingk, @minjunes, @jongminy, @lblackwe, @sajansha


Guided Dessert Creation Experience

@rdhesika, @rkjain


a different kind of cable-driven robot.



Unbored by Broad Board-er-less Board Games

@rbasdeo, @juanluiv, @akyu, @qiuxiand

Tornado Trainer (Foosball)

Challenge your robot overlords to foosball, and use the training to dominate humans


SSS - Self-driving Spinny Scooter

Ever fell of your spin scooter because of a pothole at night or in the morning while rushing to class?

@zhejiay, @rananth, @ritupath


Robots that move blocks...together!

@rdudhagr, @jefftan

buddybots (take 2)

robots that can move around

@mmx, @asinghan, @hannahhe

Motorized Roller Skates

Find walking tiring? Transportation a hassle? Zoom around on motorized roller skates.

@dswu, @efu