Smart Exit Signs

Exit signs that intelligently redirect traffic during an emergency evacuation

@vojha, @jstrieb, @hgronlun, @jfeldgoi


A Python programmable calculator



Ever wanted to play chess with an AI but also wanted a physical board? We got you covered!

@youngwo1, @jtsaw, @rbao, @elucero

Autonomous RC Car

Join us for a legal street racing :D

@zhichul, @siliangl

Network Display Panel

Watch messages travel between computers in this portable network


Raindrop, Droptop

Using water as an art medium

@she2, @asekar, @sandraj, @gshandar, @kbanh

Light Detection Rollercoaster

A roller coaster that runs on light!

@yiyangg, @eunicec1, @yoojinl

Awesome Autonomous Drone

Race Drone? Check. Automous Drone? Check.

@yaoj, @ddeangul, @cggonzal

Gesture Drone

The next generation of easy-control drone

@jzou1, @zheyaoz, @hengruiz, @ruixuanl

Rotary CNC Milling Machine

A low-budget but fully functional CNC milling machine... with a twist.

@azz, @mmartone

Musical Tesla Coil

Musical Tesla Coil singing with the beautiful sounds of ECE

@eug, @nikolasg, @lkojiro


A piano that can play any piece of sheet music by itself.

@dasimon, @oweiss, @ishaang, @rastentz, @tstentz

Caliper Clock

Measuring time precisely

@ebbarret, @agarcias, @dquan

Fish Feeder

We want to feed hungry fish 🐟

@agotsis, @epnewman

The Helping Hand

The helping hand you always needed.

@hweigle, @eeschnei, @ncn, @jcouncil, @mbsherma

One Nightstand

A bedside table with everything you could dream of.

@jsafer, @ryanauld, @zkearney


The ultimate couch potato tool... as long as you refill it occasionally

@jshayes, @jemedina, @smontiel, @mcli

Project PLAID: Target Detection System

Autonomous camera processing system to detect ground targets during high powered rocket launches

@faristiz, @skaashya, @mmessers

Automatic Sheet Music Turner

An automatic page tuner for musicians

@ablackwo, @kcu

AutoMailman - An Aerial Payload Delivery System

Our solution to the last mile delivery problem - autonomous drones that deliver a package right to your door.

@lsnow, @jbwood

Automated Garden

A smart garden is all you need to survive (off the grid)

@bhlee, @searly, @chunminz

Phased Array Radar

It's like sonar, but with radar!

@swestenb, @dgronlun


Tele-operated versus autonomous robot

@camin, @xiaoruil, @bwarwick, @acedillo, @jaeeunl


Reimplementing an Atari 2600 (VCS) on an FPGA

@asfeldma, @jocelynh, @fseidel

Hagrid's Wild Ride™

Virtual Reality Quidditch using a spring-based free motion haptic rig

@ywu5, @ashek, @avsethur, @tscherli


Will be determined later.

@afmeyer, @mpamin, @sasikalm, @karenjoh, @pbannai

V.O.I.D - Virtual Operated Intelligent Dorm

You won't even realize it's there ...

@leonc, @slade

Backpack Charger

Imagine never having to worry about finding the nearest outlet!

@madelynl, @jimola, @eisonc, @vekhlas, @slohier


Building a miniature gravitational wave detector

@amani, @alisac, @ajzhai, @ovg, @halmouba


make a mind reading video game.



Tanks .... but really tho

@sungjunh, @souravp, @arij, @dzy, @rselagam

Mechanical Dog

Real Dogs Die, Our Dog Dances

@caguilar, @albyrnes, @mklein

The Deep Copy

You see it..., you want it..., you scan it..., we print it... in 3D.

@dtoussai, @oadubor, @aattipoe, @lld, @cfulton1


No talking allowed here

@mskubala, @ozz

holo picto

an editable hologram projection

@cdgu, @dpratyus, @dtom

Blackboard Note Taker

What if you never had to take notes for a class ever again...

@evalinej, @mjaffer, @pkwang

kYlE wAnTs tO bE sPaRkLy


@zexiy, @kkozlows, @emmaliu

Page Turning Scanner

Given a book, the scanner will scan a page, flip the page, and repeat until the entire book has been digitized.

@jhewitt, @oka, @knosurna, @odelen

I am Someone Else

A wearable that changes the way people sound

@haowensh, @bangyanc, @yuyans, @yishanz

Telepresence Poker

Play poker with your friends, no matter where they are on the globe.

@abhinans, @swadwani, @amolakn, @bschmuck


lumineScence will discipline your bedtime, sleep schedule, and wake up time based on personal preferences.

@aarushiw, @nalinij

MarkOff Processor

An autonomous robot to erase whiteboards

@tpina, @arudich, @bney, @jasonx, @msjohnso

BP Bot

Beverage pong playing robot

@avictori, @wfan, @shanelh, @cjye

Angry Wall Birds

Angry birds...but on the wall!

@youngchk, @munsungk, @ayu1, @shenghah

Flywheel energy storage prototype

How to make a better battery


Electricity Generating Footwear

You can produce electricity by just walking!

@zhendony, @zhengx, @xingshew, @jiamengd, @ruohaig

Smart Curtains

Smart curtains are the future.

@agao, @swyu

Tactile steering wheel

A steering wheel that gives direction through touch

@kanjur, @melhag, @lmplotte, @rcleavel, @fbasit

Track-o-matic 🚌 📺⌚

It's a bus tracker but retro

@ekusuma, @tchiang, @szz, @apnayak

Nemo Touched the Butt

Robotic Nemo swims through a maze to get to a boat

@jandah, @jessicay, @jigbokwe

RamenX - The Automated Ramen Maker

The future of college dormitory cuisine

@mwang5, @jshuang, @tsahyoun, @jyli1, @jhsu2

Draw Booth

You know those photo booth things people go to with their friends? What if it drew the picture instead?? :O

@pzubiri, @jbgoldst, @hfbaker


Music Visualizer for the home of the future!

@mdeng, @vincentl

AR Yi-Gi-Oh

Kattobingu your friend in real life


Magic Mirror

Who wouldn't like to know the weather and the time while they're washing their teeth?

@kaiwenw1, @amarkelo, @jgmiller, @aykilinc, @diegom

P2P Network API

Making peer-to-peer networking simple

@stroucki, @tjjohans

Auto-Bullseye Pong

Making a table that uses cameras to position a cup to catch a ball.

@hmuthaka, @pnv, @wilsonzhao, @jasonm2, @abenno

I've Got You in My Sights

A smart camera that tracks people


Auto Cat Feeder

Feed cats. Automatically.

@eeb, @egarbade, @meribyte

Mallow Shot

Advanced computer vision turret with marshmallows.

@lmetro, @rrudolph

Pretti Spinni Boi ShineMaster™

Pretty pretti, pretty spinni, 100% ShineMaster™

@eporat, @aakent, @cvsmith, @jchernak, @aperley


Pittsburgh wasn't built in one night

@ryano, @descando

Wall - E

Building Life Size Version of Wall -E

@saclark, @iem, @krcarter

Pokemon Hunting

Find Pikachu and maybe other pokemon with radios

@apinson, @jlareau


We will be constructing our own synthesizer

@mmckinzi, @jertman, @careed

EV Charger Adaptor

Enable easy, portable, electric car charging!


Whiteboard Printer

Robot that will print out your work onto a whiteboard

@ericchan, @dzeng

Third Person in Real Life (TPiRL)

Have you ever experienced third person in real life? Now you can!

@emaburi, @jaewoonc, @vcommuri

Discrete Tic-Tac-Toe

The quintessential game of strategy represented in its logical minimum

@krv, @ayli1, @sladuca, @jsgarcia, @raghuv

Smart Hamper

We want to create a hamper that has smart features built into it to make doing laundry a bit easier

@mmwagner, @zpm, @ppetraki

Mixed Reality: Candy Land

Transforming your world into Candy Land using VR

@eosofsky, @emy

First Person Space Invaders

Because MinesweepAR wasn't hard enough.

@efang, @hliou, @relong, @cli4, @vasua

Flipbook Drawing Machine (formerly Grain-sketching Machine)

Flip through reality with our electromechanical drawing machine!

@arako, @qingyuaw, @foropeza, @jaburns, @vgadh

Electric Longboard

Building a powerful electric longboard from first principles

@sgamboa, @dpallerl, @mbankole, @xinzed, @jkonopka

Pacman IRL

Pacman in real life!

@atyang, @jgkerr, @odeng, @habaker, @mghuang

Interactive Visuals

Use your hands to create and shape 2D graphics



In need of inspiration? Press a button to make a cocktail of your choice. No fuss and no cleaning!

@myou, @nleonzhi, @eujingc, @ckho, @zexuano

Smartphone Controlled R/C Car

Control a R/C car with your phone!

@aragura1, @vbaskar, @vthallam

Automatic Can Organizer

This conveyor systems easily allows cans and other grocery items to be stored into shelves!

@emartell, @apa, @madelin1, @sgeorges

Sight to Sound Glasses

Glasses that convert visual greyscale data into sound, to help blind people see with sound.

@jl5, @blairc, @wz2, @ramgopav, @xguan

Touchscreen table

Turning any surface into a touchscreen by using a projector, a camera, and contact microphones

@ildook, @varunsha, @rishubj, @ibiala

A Doll's Glove

Sensor glove driven puppet

@qingyid, @fyan1, @xinrany, @ziyuez


An easy way for a crowd to suggest, play, and control the music over a network.

@egoebel, @jmoore1, @ecompton, @jkalapos, @wjmitche

Marble Xylophone

Play all the modern pop hits on the modern sounds of a xylophone

@philsmit, @mbartnof, @dsaha


An engineered solution to a fun night out

@clairec1, @arkar1, @mbossard, @maxinek, @judyz

Apple VR

Play VR games on Iphone

@jpspence, @lmoiseye, @apagliuc, @kdramos, @imercier

The perfect stapler

Imagine the most perfect stapler in the world ..... the possibilities ......


Recorder Robot

Do you like recorders? Have you ever played the robots? Do you have a special friend? Look fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.

@jpleung, @esargent, @jharrima, @demorale, @acpatel

Goal Line Technology

Automated Goal Detection for Quidditch Hoops

@dbrych, @cselby

Diego Diego Revolution

Shoes to Dance Dance Revolution Your Heart Out

@darodrig, @repouhe, @jlenney, @oaramire


A bird-like flying machine

@amosaed, @fpaulino, @cowarang, @mlipari

Karaoke Machine

To show off your inner Adele.

@ziyux, @htammine, @dbang, @yongjina

Smart Screen System

A smart network of interactive digital displays embedded with sensors

@ruiyuans, @arnavm, @jbdurham

Robotic Selfie Arm

A selfie stick that does more than just be a selfie stick.

@ruppal, @hardiks1

Sun-Tracking Solar Panel

Solar panel that orients itself towards the sun

@fandujar, @ceq, @kjchin, @nprakas1, @tjshah

Pac-Man Maze

Real Life Pac-Man Maze

@amacias, @mkyin, @ndomingo


An Augmented Reality platform to parse text and other information in your environment.

@peterw1, @justinj1, @abaweja

A Buggy Time

Want to push objects up hills and time yourself doing it? We got you covered.

@boyaoy, @jameszha, @kdevince, @ronitb

Robobuggy: WiFi Network for Communication and Real-time Telemetry

Real-time telemetry, video stream, and remote controller command between a robotic buggy and the base station

@mayankj, @tiffany2, @agirish, @vrbahl, @abhaa

Little Dipper

Personalized colored candles!

@ericat1, @vaidehis, @aarohip

"Magic" Card Shuffler

Hack the card shuffler to give the exact deck you want!

@rjaising, @kgugle, @sgatuku


GunAR is an interactive multiplayer game that brings laser tag from the arena to you! The arena beckons!

@alexl3, @bpek, @mkronove, @evannw, @tkanchar

Shake 'n Wake

A bed that shakes you to wake you up in the morning as an alternative to an alarm clock

@vmitta, @showard, @jtunis

Quadcopter Person Surveillance

A Quadcopter that silently tracks a given person.



Soccer, Only you're KicKing around an Evasive Robot

@sydneyb, @sir, @jafinn, @aquinn


Experience the true drama and adrenaline of survival as you fly through narrow gaps in immersive first person VR

@mzc, @efrainb, @amilford, @sdscott, @randaya

CAN Bike

The power of a motor scooter meets the portablity of a bicycle

@mbankole, @bvyates

Bomb lab 2.0

There's a bomb and a manual, how hard could it be.

@deanyons, @reedc, @bridgett, @echen2, @rsli


Are you tired of how overcrowded the gym is at CMU? What if you knew the best time to go?

@jboudrea, @kvenkate, @mphelan1

Just Heat It

Dance to keep your microwave working

@iwl, @awlin1

ECE Signage Board

Providing easily updatable signage in front of major ECE classrooms.

@skesari, @robertd1

Keychain Gameboy

Scratch built emulation of Gameboy in an adorable form factor

@jbfields, @mlaurenc, @eblesswi

Dance Dance Revolution

"So you think you can dance?"

@kdave, @suannc, @cou, @ethrashe, @ikoramba

Rangoli Machine

Those colored sand pictures are nice, but don't they take forever to make?

@isinha, @yongyiz, @wnace

Power Table

Never worry about charging again, as every surface is your personal charger

@htran, @rbezbaru, @spersau1

drawing app with peripherals

we are making the worlds next best drawing app with peripherals.

@cburgess, @lbo

The G.lock

Automated smart doorman system

@mswain, @cdbright, @cio, @josei, @oalhait