Wingardium LevioSAHHH

Turns out magic is just ultrasonic waves

@zhaodonz, @mnshaw, @njassal, @ehsi


Real life frogger game

@kpandit, @rrudolph, @alyssame

Thinking Cap

A hat that can wake you up in the middle of class when you accidentally fall asleep.

@xinzed, @ziyif, @dpallerl

Head Snap

The future of gameified social wearables.

@nnilakan, @pbernits

Virtual Search and Destroy

Search the crowd. Find the target. Destroy.

@snspeer, @acortes, @cvaz, @nbiggs

Theremin Hero

It's Guitar Hero, except with a theremin.

@fseidel, @jocelynh, @achai

Mobile Controlled Drone

Control Your Drone on your Phone!

@efang, @ozz


Wearable tech to measure and reduce stress

@raunaksg, @armanh, @oweiss, @cwurman

Smart Ball

Did your ball fly over the fence? Just command it to return back.

@jaeeunl, @leehsu, @acedillo, @camin

Heat Beat

What does heat sound like

@bhy, @cpederso

Solid state Tesla coil

Play audio on a Tesla coil

@ejglaser, @jkonopka

Autonomous Racing Drone

Build and automate a racing quadcopter from scratch

@nikolasg, @lkojiro, @rlyster, @bgb


Control objects with a literal flick of the rest!



Control one (or a fleet of ) drone(s) with gestures.

@xiaoruil, @davidyua, @fcanari, @shihanw

Drift Board

An Electric Skateboard with Tilt Detection

@cdgu, @rtf, @ahebbar, @dtom

Smart Treadmill

Make Dumb Treadmills Great Again!

@tzeyewbh, @aeng, @hyeryung

Eye in the Sky

Raspberry pi quadcopter with camera!

@anamdev, @jrtick

Desktop Companion

A robot inspired by Anki's Cozmo, cute and will help you organize your desk.


🔥 Rubik's Cube

Rubik's cube with 🔥 pieces that can change color.

@skfu, @christoh, @njog

Phased Array Sonar

Use sound to interact with people!

@ebbarret, @dgronlun, @akalaba, @eharber

Drone Control Suite

Control a drone using Alexa, Facebook Messenger, or a Leap Motion

@aatishn, @arulnits, @ramv, @hguduru


Sleep never sounded so good!

@mbparker, @shassel, @cio

Uke-an strum

Learning to play the uke by watching it play itself!

@yaesunk, @mbremner, @glahiry, @npmurali, @avythees

Buggy Timing System

Easy, accurate timing for buggy push practice.

@acarrion, @bobbiec, @yihanz, @ewwong

Smarter Smartfade

ETC's Smartfade with usability improvements

@youziw, @apinson

Muscle Activation Detection

This can be used in biometric movement assistance. It can enhance interactivity for virtual reality.

@sgamboa, @mparalka, @mgopakum, @ksantos, @mpparalk

tune in

a wireless, battery-less, tuner which you power with your instrument


Tangible Reality Computing

Physical feedback for AR/VR.

@nhiehle, @she2, @cburgess, @jbaiad

CV for Buggy

Guide Buggy to see the street


Self-Playing Cello

Building a cello that plays itself!

@viveksri, @abhinans, @sreidy, @cwee

Tracking Drone

A Drone that follows you, or whatever you want it to

@dennisya, @dzeng, @hyallapa, @gclu, @ericchan

Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Automated pour over coffee!

@kguske, @gchatter

Self-Playing Otamatone

Machine learning meets the Otamatone

@zkearney, @dasimon, @tstentz, @melodyt

Kinect Based Fork Lift

Construct a fork lift controlled by kinect from scratch!

@wguo2, @jiaxuan1, @hardiks1

Tent-porary Mirage

Escape reality in a real-life Perkins' tent

@weiqiaoc, @yishanz, @weimiaoc


A pip boy from the fallout universe


My new pet kitten

Raising a smart kitten without worrying about spending time on them...

@shulij, @yanyingz

Mind Controlled Bot

Think it. Do it. This is your world.

@arajesh, @rishabhc, @abhaa, @abharga2

Planetary Rover

Cut your costs of exploring space with this small and smart rover!

@foropeza, @obs, @jsford

Smart Board

A transparent target with sensors and LEDs


The Turnt Table

Things are about to get groovy.

@asegizek, @ndesmorn, @eacohen, @bsimmerm

Just Keep Swimming

A Mobility-Enhancing Fish Tank

@aperley, @jchernak, @aakent, @zen

Tuition Run

Run for your life in an immersive VR experience with the goal of paying off your tuition.

@mmcelwai, @bschmuck, @lmetro, @apa

Buggy Sensor Box

Data collection sensor box for buggy rolls

@bapowell, @dquan, @lmoiseye

MEMES Thermostat Controller

Macroelectromechanical engineered system (MEMES) to actuate a thermostat automatically or over Wifi

@cvsmith, @rpaetz, @swestenb, @andrewy

Hot Box Laser Show, Man

Piano with frickin' laser beams attached!

@bmperez, @nshills

Smart Morning

Start your mornings right with a smart mirror and coffee cup

@rfernau, @arath, @shreyag, @nflowers

The Quick Quad

Pushing the speed limits of quadcopters

@spersau1, @rbezbaru, @mmessers, @nmlevin, @jhzhang


Wall-e, just an earlier version.

@joell, @graceg

Brakes for Buggy

Make brakes for a self driving buggy

@emilliga, @cperry, @yihanz, @zhengx

Self-Powered Mouse

Our goal is to design and implement a mouse powered by you!

@slakshma, @ikoramba, @tmedirat


Array of cameras to get more impressive footage

@ildook, @varunsha, @rishubj, @vijayram, @ibiala

Real Life Snapchat Filters

Bring your favorite filters to life with facial projection mapping!

@htomio, @antonk, @cneri, @gyeongyk, @slall

Big Mouth Billy Bassistant

An intelligent re-imagined talking fish

@mmartone, @azz, @tkern, @sadkins

LIDAR Turret

The cheapest LIDAR turret possible!

@bwarwick, @ovg, @jmeola, @tpina

AR Gestural Education

Learn how to kick a ball better than Messi and Jazzercise better than Richard Simmons using AR

@mgreer, @davidgor

Board Writer

Making professors handwriting legible

@bcao, @oolukoya, @smanian, @ayeheyis, @jaewook


Sanitary and efficient smart toilet that raises and lowers toilet seat based on face recognition.

@ashverys, @asekar, @rnarayan, @dsteere

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Glide and explore below the surface without ever getting wet

@fmeleana, @wching

Andy Waffhol

Make waffles with a personalized design via touchscreen

@jdangrem, @seanande, @mriek, @jtaekman


Have you ever wanted your robot companion who works silently for you?

@nchoudha, @rbhardw1

Daft Punk Helmets

Music visualization // Speech to text // Music synthesis

@akkamat, @msfernan

Star Wars BB8

Recreating Life Size Version of BB8 Robot

@saclark, @iem, @ilo1, @goc, @krcarter

Brain-Controlled Wheelchair

The next phase of human-computer interaction

@xiangs1, @ruixuanl, @jieming1


Making an RGB paraffin candle

@jju, @jtesler

Project Mirror

Smart Mirror in your dreams

@mbankole, @sunghol, @cassandc, @jxgong, @bridgett

Can you deliver this for me

IPS to automate inter-office drone package delivery

@tgouldin, @falmeshq

Sonic Haptic Feedback Device

High-resolution, high-frequency haptic feedback using sound

@rmehndir, @akuntz

Smart Jacket

Creating a jacket to make your life more comfortable

@abenno, @hmuthaka, @jasonm2, @wilsonzhao

Alexa, help me be lazy

Using Alexa, control home automation away from or at home using body measurements

@rweng, @vrazdan

Rocket League IRL

We will create a version of soccer using RC cars, fully equipped with power-ups and abilities.

@acpatel, @jpleung, @mlipari, @dhashe

Smart Display Mirror

A Smart Mirror that will display cool things on your mirror

@yongjina, @ziyux, @dbang, @htammine

LIDAR SLAM on a Drone

Pseudo-autonomous navigation with a quadcopter.

@kapolo, @pkhokhlo, @jerryy, @tjjohans

Mat-less DDR

"She's got accelerometers on the soles of her shoes" -- Paul Simon

@wnace, @ppezeshk, @pavhad, @scjoglek, @ptelang

Connected Room

Ever want a facial recognition activated IOT dorm room with outlet, light, and appliance control?

@sidhartv, @aakapadi, @rsajjad, @avenkat1

Simulator Tabletop

Like "Tabletop Simulator", but reversed...

@gdellagr, @jbogomol

Alexa, let me in!

A better web enabled lock, control your front door lock with GroupMe and Amazon Echo!

@meribyte, @jcmertz, @egarbade


Giant Tank Simulator. Face off against a friend in a classic tank vs tank duel.

@mzc, @randaya, @efrainb, @amilford, @schoo

Smart Target 2.0

Much cool. Many target. Very better. Wow!

@kcu, @ablackwo, @ndomingo, @sooyouna

Modular Mobile Robot

Build a simple multipurpose mobile robot

@esahn, @blatz

CPR Asistance System

Improve the effectiveness in emergencies of non-CPR trained people, instantly.

@avictori, @qianyic

Tech, Love, & Leds

A two part project consisting of a web based controller and led based lighting fixture for trusses.

@plima, @jlareau


We want to create a robot that is programmed to draw pictures on a larger scale.

@mmwagner, @zpm, @jmccambr, @ppetraki

EPA Phone Home!

In developing world contexts, measure if water and air is safe using simple sensors with an iphone.

@jthornbu, @baortiz

Buggy Collision Avoidance

This is a proof of concept for using automotive ultrasonic sensors to detect curbs and other buggies

@sbuckley, @adevienn


ML mirror that tracks your fashion style and provides you data visualization / recommendations

@raghavgo, @daniellh, @nhouglan, @abilgin, @aravisha

Smart Billy Bass Fish

The future in smart home assistants, Billy Bass is Alexa gone horribly wrong

@vcl, @hfbaker


Connected furniture for at home and on the go.

@bvyates, @ouk

Orient Express

A bento vending machine powered by Venmo 🍱

@tchiang, @yiluny, @karleunt, @apnayak

LED Matrix

LED board that you can play with to make a light show.

@vik, @agotsis, @odb, @epnewman


Modular speakers that can be connected to each other for better volume

@vaidehis, @aarohip, @ericat1


The classic game of Minesweeper in (augmented) real life!

@vasua, @relong, @yongyiz, @adbenson

Magic Dancing Music Box

Finally! The product we've all been waiting for: a magic box that makes objects dance to music!

@nshai, @suhaasr, @tebrooks, @aoneill