Party Drone

A drone that flies around via RC, listens to whatever music is playing, and pulses its lights to the beat

@osavkur, @szzhang, @jongwony


For when you refuse to lose at TicTacToe

@wmshaw, @mhtang

Lazier Dim Sum

Have you ever thought dim sum was too much work? Did you ever wish the food would come right to you? Now it can!!!

@joeym, @junhanch, @clille, @nikhilp, @ayh2


Unbored by Broad Board-er-less Board Games

@rbasdeo, @juanluiv, @akyu, @qiuxiand

Gimme...Steering Wheel!

It’s lights out and here we go! Turn your phone into a wheel and drive like you stole it!

@xjin2, @qiaoans

Guard Bot

A guard robot that patrols the building and sends alerts upon encountering suspicious strangers

@yunqingy, @yichuanl

buddybots (take 2)

robots that can move around

@mmx, @asinghan

the game of metago

play the ancient game of go with a visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory experience


Smarter Skateboard

A skateboard that's smarter than you (maybe)

@stevenwu, @emai, @janicel2, @cudompan, @aaito

Smart Garden

So your plants can yell at you when they're dying

@sophiali, @byohanne, @sshriram, @ssbhanda


If you want a simple and convenient handheld phone solution, think handE!

@rashik, @ckasuba, @bwilhelm, @akasha, @zrudnick

Socially-distanced Pong

Pong without a CPU, built on 2 FPGAs, driving 2 monitors, communicating in ridiculous ways.

@wnace, @anirudhp, @bohanyu

One Wheel From Two

If you can't afford a One Wheel like those grad students outside CIC who let you ride it, just convert a hoverboard!

@apenney, @dbarajas

Haptic Rhythm Music Game

Next-generation rhythm music game that has haptic feedback.

@yizet, @fuyangl

Keyboard/Software for Composers!

Ever jammed out and liked a chord but struggled when you tried to write it down to play later? This is for you!

@jiyengar, @karenli, @arobert

the little women car

self driving car for our children

@ritaz, @tinghuah


An archery robot that never misses its target...not a safety hazard

@lucag, @harshuls, @bpan2

Chocolate Thunder From Down Under

Ever thought 3d printing was boring? Us too. Add some chocolate and its fun!

@edwardli, @kjnewman, @ntalvare, @gxgao, @jxli

Pancake Printer

Creating art, one drop of batter at a time

@kevinson, @cscai, @asutandi, @eserre, @nyw


Robots that move blocks...together!

@rdudhagr, @jefftan