Self-Powered Mouse

Created on 15 Oct 2016

Our goal is to design and implement a mouse powered by you!

We want to eliminate the step of having to charge a wireless mouse's battery and create one powered by the user through thermal conduction from contact with the user.


Isha Iyer


Indu Korambath


Tanushree Mediratta

Part Cost Quantity
503 Service Unavailable Error $9.90 5
Peltier Tiles - 5 count
503 Service Unavailable Error $40.99 2
Mouses/MIce - not rodents
503 Service Unavailable Error $23.45 2
Thermoelectric generator
503 Service Unavailable Error $6.94 1
Thermal paste - all the links work
Remaining Budget: $104.24
Indu Korambath 15 Oct 2016, 6:59 p.m. CDT
Currently we just created our project page. :-) We are now looking into two different methods to implement our design goal. Will post back with further progress.