Created on 02 Nov 2016

Giant Tank Simulator. Face off against a friend in a classic tank vs tank duel.

You and a friend will each be able to sit in and control your own tank. You will use an immersive interface to control your tank as you navigate the battlefield and try to take out your opponent. Our project consisted of three main components: (1) the seating, which we designed and built to rotate with the turret of the tank, (2) the controls, which we designed using an Arduino Leonardo, (3) the game, which we based off an existing Unity tutorial, and modified to allow for VR viewing throught the Oculus DKII headsets and multiplayer mode across two computers


Maverick Chen


Roberto Andaya


Efrain Barbosa


Austin Milford-Rosales


Jenna Choo

Part Cost Quantity
McMaster-Carr $4.13 2
Part Number: 6031K18 , big turn table
McMaster-Carr $2.18 2
Part Number: 6031K16 , Small Turn-table
503 Service Unavailable Error $8.99 4
Helmets for VR integration and immersion
503 Service Unavailable Error $34.99 2
Mountable chairs for our tank, we will drill into these guys
Concave Button - White - COM-09340 - SparkFun Electronics $1.76 2
Yellow Activating Button
Concave Button - Black - COM-09339 - SparkFun Electronics $1.76 2
Black Activating Button
Alligator Test Leads - Multicolored (10 Pack) - PRT-12978 - SparkFun E $2.66 1
Alligator Clips for things
LED - Assorted (20 pack) - COM-12062 - SparkFun Electronics $2.66 1
Pack of LED for show or maybe feedback
503 Service Unavailable Error $3.54 1
Spray Paint Can for After
Concave Button - Green - COM-09341 - SparkFun Electronics $1.76 2
Green Button for Activating
503 Service Unavailable Error $11.00 1
Arduino Mega controller Arduino Due A000062: Computers & Accessories $31.37 2
Arduino Duo. Go to the other Seller from Mp3Car Store
503 Service Unavailable Error $3.95 2
One Khaki and one Earth Brown
Concave Button - Blue - COM-09337 - SparkFun Electronics $1.76 2
Blue Activating Button
Concave Button - Red - COM-09336 - SparkFun Electronics $1.76 2
Red Activating Button
503 Service Unavailable Error $35.88 2
Motor with gear box for moving person
Remaining Budget: $1.58