Created on 18 Oct 2017

Soccer, Only you're KicKing around an Evasive Robot

Is soccer too easy for you? Are you looking for an ethical alternative to kicking puppies? If you answered "YES" to either of these questions, then you should check out S.O.K.K.E.R.! Just like in the traditional version of the sport, two teams kick around a ball, attempting to score as many points as possible. But in S.O.K.K.E.R., the ball is a small, adorable robot that uses a combination of accelerometers and ultrasonic distance sensors to desperately flee both you and the goal. ### But how does it work? The SOKKER bot first determines its orientation using an onboard accelerometer. The bot is structured so that it can successfully navigate its environment no matter what orientation it starts in (or what orientation it ends up in after being kicked around). Next, it uses an array of four ultrasonic distance sensors (one on each face) to identify the proximity of nearby obstacles (such as a human player or a goal). The onboard Arduino can then determine the best course of action. The SOKKER bot will always seek to move away from obstacles and toward open space, while varying its movements so as to elude humans. Once the SOKKER bot has determined which way it wants to go, it can use its "legs" (swiveling sections of its exterior) to maneuver across its environment. The SOKKER bot's human captors may now chase it to their heart's content!


Sydney Baker


Sam Rainey


Joe Finn


Adam Quinn

Part Cost Quantity Total
6" Mini Foam Ball $9.99 1 $9.99
6" Foam Soccer Ball
SM-S4315R Continuous Rotation Servo $16.00 3 $48.00
Continuous Rotation Servo
UNO R3 Kit $8.99 2 $17.98
Uno R3, USB Cable, 9v snap connector, 8AA battery pack
Rigid Flange Coupling $3.59 2 $7.18
7mm Rigid Flange Coupling for servo shafts
AmazonBasics 48-pack of 1.5V AA Batteries $12.49 1 $12.49
48 pack of batteries for powering the robot.
25T Screw Shaft Coupler $4.99 2 $9.98
Futaba Shaft Coupler for servos.
50x80mm Stripboard $3.16 2 $6.32
50x80mm Stripboard for electrically linking components
ADXL337 Accelerometer $9.95 2 $19.90
Accelerometer + Breakout Board
Sparkfun HC-SR04 $3.95 6 $23.70
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
16oz of PVC Primer $11.69 1 $11.69
16oz of PVC Primer for the frame
16oz of Pipe Cement for Plastic Pipe $9.21 1 $9.21
16 OZ of PVC Pipe Cement (please order the 16oz container)
10ft of Standard-Wall Unthreaded PVC Pipe $4.73 1 $4.73
10ft of PVC Pipe Stock for constructing the frame.
PVC Tee Connector $0.38 11 $4.18
PVC T Connector for Frame
Side-Outlet PVC Elbow Connector $1.65 9 $14.85
PVC Connector for the corners of the frame.
3/4"x5ft Multipurpose Hook and Loop $8.00 1 $8.00
Adhesive-backed velcro for component mounting.
1/4" D-Profile Rotary Shaft $6.64 1 $6.64
1/4" D-Profile Shaft for servos
36" x 1 foot Nonmarking Multipurpose Neoprene Rubber Sheet $12.04 1 $12.04
ONE FOOT of a 36"-wide rubber sheet (rubber is order by the foot; please only order 1 foot)
24"x48" Super-Cushioning Polyurethane Foam Sheet $66.25 1 $66.25
1 sheet of open cell / closed cell foam for cushioning.
APEM Inc. 25139NAB SPDT Slide Switch $6.59 1 $6.59
SPDT Power Switch
Project Totals: 49 $299.72
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $-49.72
Joe Finn 15 Nov 2018, 6:32 p.m. EST