Tracking Drone

Created on 22 Nov 2016

A Drone that follows you, or whatever you want it to

Have you ever wanted to have a drone follow you or a moving object without the hassle of a remote controller? If you have, then you're at the right place. Our specially modified drone will follow whoever is holding a tracker. It can record your environment and collect other information as well.


Dennis Yang


David Zeng


Harsh Yallapantula


George Lu


Eric Chang

Part Cost Quantity
LED - Infrared 950nm - COM-09349 - SparkFun Electronics $0.86 5
Infrared LED for signaling purposes
Mini Pushbutton Switch - COM-00097 - SparkFun Electronics $0.32 5
Mini Pushbutton Switch
503 Service Unavailable Error $10.49 1
Power distribution board
503 Service Unavailable Error $24.99 1
Lipo battery smaller
503 Service Unavailable Error $9.99 1
Polycarbonate Propellers
503 Service Unavailable Error $36.99 1
Drone motors 2300 KV
SparkFun 9DoF IMU Breakout - LSM9DS1 - SEN-13284 - SparkFun Electronic $22.46 1
IMU for inertial measurement Maywa Denki Otamatone Music Instrument (Pink): Toys & Game $22.06 1
Drone music box. Deleted this in response to email but readding now that it seems OK. Makerfire 4pcs BLHeli 12A ESC Brushless Speed Controller f $21.99 1
Four electronic speed controllers
503 Service Unavailable Error $12.38 1
Resistor pack for making any circuits ARRIS X-Speed FPV250 Pure Carbon Fiber Racing RC Drone Qua $29.98 1
Drone carbon fiber frame
503 Service Unavailable Error $2.90 1
Connectors for battery and controller
503 Service Unavailable Error $24.14 1
Lipo batteries for power
Arduino 101 - DEV-13787 - SparkFun Electronics $30.00 2
Arduino 101- flight controller for drone
IR Receiver Diode - TSOP38238 - SEN-10266 - SparkFun Electronics $1.76 6
IR Receiver Diode for signaling
Remaining Budget: $5.17