The Quick Quad

Created on 21 Nov 2016

Pushing the speed limits of quadcopters

Our project plans to focus on how fast can we fly a radio controlled quadcopter. In order to achieve this, our team plans to optimize the thrust to weight ratio, while testing and improving the aerodynamics of our quad. We will carefully select and build our electronics and control systems to optimize our payload, while considering essential sensor equipment. We hope to provide a development platform that is unmatched in speed and performance.


Rit Bezbaruh


Spencer Persaud


James Zhang


Nathan Levin


Michael Messersmith

Part Cost Quantity Total
503 Service Unavailable Error $25.99 1 $25.99
Naze32 Flight Controller 10DOF
503 Service Unavailable Error $59.99 1 $59.99
4 LittleBee BLHeliS 30A ESC for quadcopter Crazepony 4pcs EMAX RS2205-S 2600KV Brushless Motor for X2 $79.99 1 $79.99
4 Quadcopter Motors EMAX RS2205
503 Service Unavailable Error $31.89 1 $31.89
Spektrum DSMX Receiver
503 Service Unavailable Error $27.00 1 $27.00
LHI 220-RX Frame and Power distribution
503 Service Unavailable Error $24.99 2 $49.98
LiPo Battery Pack 1300mAh 75C 4S 14.8V
503 Service Unavailable Error $16.99 1 $16.99
5045 Tri Blade Propellers
Project Totals: 8 $291.83
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $8.17