Kinect Based Fork Lift

Created on 21 Nov 2016

Construct a fork lift controlled by kinect from scratch!

Fork lift is often clumsy to operate and difficult to control. We are trying to build an arduino based fork lift and train our kinect sensors to capture body signals and relay them back to the machine through bluetooth.


Wei Guo


Jiaxuan Li


Hardik Singh

Part Cost Quantity
503 Service Unavailable Error $19.88 1
Motors Pack for Driving LEGO Tire Ø62.4 x 20 w/ Rim Ø 43,2 X 18 - Pack of 4 each ( $19.99 1
Lego Wheels for moving CISNO 203589/5959 Go Kart Drive Belt- Mini Bike Drive Belt $10.99 2
Drive Belt for wheels
Robot Check $15.99 1
Arduino Pro Mini 5 pc
503 Service Unavailable Error $7.32 2
bearings for shaft Unifun 10400mAh Waterproof External Battery Power Bank Cha $16.99 1
Power Bank for Arduino Uno
503 Service Unavailable Error $13.99 2
Step Motors for arduino
503 Service Unavailable Error $4.97 1
Battery pack and on off switch
503 Service Unavailable Error $89.95 1
The Kinect Sensor Kit to Capture Movements
Robot Check $9.99 1
Arduino UNO R3 for main board
Robot Check $9.99 1
Bluetooth Module
Qunqi 1.8V 3V 5V 6V 12V 2A PWM DC Motor Speed Control /w Potentiometer $8.98 2
Motor Controller Pack
Remaining Budget: $16.57