M4: Multi-Modal Music Mixer

Created on 20 Nov 2016

Hardware for Wannabe DJ's

The M4 is a human interface device designed for DJ's. It combines the functionality of traditional DJ mixing equipment and grid controllers in a portable, customizable, feature-rich form factor meant for producing and mixing music. How it works: 1. Load some mp3's of your favorite songs 2. Use the built-in filters to isolate/remove audio of interest 3. Assign sound snippets to buttons on the grid controller 4. Button-mash strategically until you become deadmau5 What's included: 1. Grid controller. This is a 2D-array of buttons. Underneath each button is an RGB LED. By pressing these buttons and interpreting the color that results, a user can navigate through menus, adjust levels, play notes etc. 2. Additional IO: Force sensors, remote sensing (via capacitance sensors), joysticks, dials, knobs, LCD displays allow for additional user interaction 3. Ports for connecting microphones, headphones and other equipment! 4. Hardware and software for signal processing! 5. Built-in battery means you can make music on the go


Joshua Goldstein


Cyrus Tabrizi


Daniel Stiffler

Part Cost Quantity
SD-130 CUI Inc. | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey $2.47 2
13 Position Circular Connector Receptacle, Male
SDF-130J CUI Inc. | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey $3.16 2
13 Position Circular Connector Receptacle
Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F Digital Distance Sensor with Pololu Carrier [GP2Y0D $6.95 8
Digital Distance Sensor
Rugged Metal On/Off Switch with White LED Ring [16mm White On/Off] ID: $4.95 1
Rugged Metal On/Off Switch
Foot switch ID: 423 - $7.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY el $7.50 1
Electronic Foot Switch
Vibrating Mini Motor Disc ID: 1201 - $1.95 : Adafruit Industries, Uniq $1.95 12
Vibrating Mini Motor Disc
Diffused RGB 5mm LED (25 pack) ID: 302 - $12.50 : Adafruit Industries, $12.50 2
Diffused RGB 5mm LED
Amazon.com: Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack: Toys & Games $15.94 1
2200 mAh 3S Lipo Battery
Woven Conductive Fabric - Silver 20cm square ID: 1168 - $4.95 : Adafru $4.95 1
Woven Conductive Fabric
Amazon.com: Agloves Touchscreen Gloves For iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Touch $11.99 1
Touchscreen Gloves
Adafruit 12-Key Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout - MPR121 ID: 1982 - $ $7.95 4
12-Key Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout
Amazon.com: Adafruit Silicone Elastomer 4x4 Button Keypad - for 3mm LE $10.99 2
Silicone Elastomer 4x4 Keyboard
Robot Check $9.99 1
Power Distribution Board
NPN Bipolar Transistors (PN2222) - 10 pack ID: 756 - $1.95 : Adafruit $1.95 2
NPN PN2222 Transistor
Adafruit Trellis Monochrome Driver PCB for 4x4 Keypad & 3mm LEDs ID: 1 $9.95 6
Monochrome Driver PCB for 4x4 Keypad
Amazon.com: LHI 2PCS WRA0053 XT60 Male W / 14AWG Silicon Draht 10cm: T $6.49 1
Female and Male XT60 Connectors
Rotary Encoder + Extras ID: 377 - $4.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique $4.50 1
Rotary Encoder and Extras
Remaining Budget: $1.05