Smarter Smartfade

Created on 20 Nov 2016

ETC's Smartfade with usability improvements

Creating a base-level lighting control surface with key usability improvements and extra features. Potential ideas include having flying faders, sACN output, and other useful programming features in a nice enclosure.


Youzi Wu


Adam Pinson

Part Cost Quantity
EK-TM4C123GXL Texas Instruments | Development Boards, Kits, Programmer $13.49 2
EK-TM4C123GXL TI Launchpad
SparkFun Motor Driver - Dual TB6612FNG (1A) - ROB-09457 - SparkFun Ele $8.95 4
SparkFun Motor Driver - Dual TB6612FNG (1A)
Slide Pot - Motorized (10k Linear Taper) - COM-10976 - SparkFun Electr $19.95 8
Motorized Slide Pot - 10k Linear Taper
Slide Potentiometer Knob - COM-09120 - SparkFun Electronics $0.95 6
Slide Potentiometer Knob
$34.75 2
LED Display Screen
Remaining Budget: $2.42